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UmmahNow is a grassroots effort to create more synergy and familiarity in each of our Muslim Communities. It's growth and success can be attributed to the support each of the communities have shown. Our services are only as good as the support you provide us.

-Use our Services
-Share with Family/Friends
-Invite an Organization to Post Their Event/Job
-Financial Support


This one may be a little obvious, but nonetheless important. We are able to gauge the success of the services we provide from the feedback that we receive from those that use our services. Your feedback will help us continue to refine and build a more cohesive service with increased value.

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A community is made of several smaller communities. The more community members subscribe to our services, the more people will participate in sharing and creating dialogue. We aim to provide services that are inclusive and promote intra-community relations.


If you do not see an organization utilizing our services, ask them to take to advantage of UmmahNow to increase visibility in their community. Supporting organizations find value in our services and see tangible results by being active on UmmahNow.


UmmahNow has so far been funded by a single individual who whole-heartedly believes in the genuine goodness and potential that a more cohesive community can have in its surroundings. We need the general community support to improve our services.

Why provide financial support?

"Anything given away for free, has no value." We are building a service that can easily integrate within different communities and start to create dialogue between each segment of the Muslim Community. We need to invest in development of the services, as there is nothing like it that is currently available.

Your financial support of any sum will be used to sustain our services and refine it further to meet the community's needs.